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Why Aluminum Awnings?

Aluminum awnings are simply the best awnings available.  They are lightweight, highly durable, and can withstand many pounds of snow and ice which is especially important to our customers in northeastern Ohio.

Aluminum awnings can be useful in a number of different ways. Over porches and decks, aluminum awnings provide shade and a dry place to sit and relax.  Over open windows, they prevent rain from entering the home when the windows are open.  An awning over a door protects the wood or metal surfaces of the door from precipitation and provide shade, too.

They are also the most cost effective way to provide shade and protection for any area around the home. When compared to cloth models, aluminum awnings remain cooler underneath, provide better protection from sun and rain, and can last much longer (in some cases, metal awnings can last more than 50 years). The extra sunlight that is blocked by an aluminum awning over a window translates directly into extra heat that doesn't enter the house, thereby saving energy used to cool the house.

Aluminum awnings are available in many different styles and color combinations.  They can be mounted on almost every exterior surface and are both affordable and relatively easy to install.  Once an aluminum awning is in place, it is virtually maintenance free as there are no problems with the material warping, bowing, or stretching.  Rain or shine, an aluminum awning will perform its job for years and years without worry.

Aluminum awning material can also be used to construct a carport. They are a great way to protect automobiles from the sun and the elements without the substantial cost of constructing a garage.

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